Bone groups in action editor

Hi, I am using the action editor in 2.5 and noticed that the bones aren’t arranged in a way that lets you collapse bone groups (like a single channel). I found this quite useful in previous versions, because some characters have so many bones, you have to keep scrolling up and down to change things. Does anybody know if I can change this somehow in user preferences?

Also, does anybody know what the difference is between the dopesheet and the action editor and what each thing should be used for?

Good questions, I’d especially liked to know if grouping bones in the dopesheet is or will be possible in 2.5.

Also, I see from Michel Fox’s videos it’s possible to create ‘Keysets’, but I’m not sure how you would go about creating them for bones (so that you include all of a selected bones channels).

I don’t think bone groups is yet implemented in 2.5. But i am quite sure it will. Bones group in the Action Editor is very handy.