Bone Groups in Action Editor

I know this question has been asked before, but I couldn’t find a solution. In 2.49 in the Action Editor, when keyed bones would pop up under a folder named after the bone’s Bone Group. Can’t get it to work in 2.5 or create any sort of folder in the Action Editor whatsoever.

Anyone find a good work-around?

I’ve missed this too and was always thinking it was something that just wasn’t coded in yet and would return soon, but it hasn’t. Then I discovered keying sets and played with them a bit. Now I don’t miss the bone groups at all, well maybe a little. With bone groups, you just saw the names of the bones, you could expand each bone to show the keyframes for location/rotation/scaling, but by default they were all hidden. In 2.5 it shows everything and no option to hide that data unless you hide the entire bone group. It’s a minor bitch…

More info can be found here:


Ohh so I can’t show the bone groups in the Action Editor in 2.6 so I could have searched for ever.

I guess it’s safe to say the bone groups have been replaced by keying sets. With keying sets you can group bone together into channels that can be expanded and collapsed as needed. Within keying sets, you can create additional groups. Say you are working on a character, you could create a keying set for all bones in the character. Then as you assign bones to the keying set, you can group them together. You could create a group called ‘fk arms’ for instance and assign all the fk arm bones to that group. Then in the dopesheet, you’d see a channel called ‘fk arms’ and expanding that channel would allow you to see the keys for each bone’s value that you added to the keying set. Here’s an example:

It’s not the same as bone groups in 2.49, but once you get used to keying sets, they are nice to work with. See the link in my post above for more info…