Bone heat weighting failed to yadda yadda...

Hi, I’m trying to rig a model but I keep getting the error. The bones won’t bind to the mesh with Automatic weights.

The model is symetrical and one single mesh, but I imported it from source engine (.smd format). I already eliminated vertex groups, recalculated and removed doubles. still no weighting

I’d post a picture but it’s a NSFW model.

I’d just weight it the old school style but I can’t find a blender tutorial on how to do it the old-fashion-way.


Without a blend it is a useless guessing game. IE. non manifold, not applied transformations, uncentered origin and armatures, remove doubles, overlapping parts, normals need recalculated, stray vertices in the mesh, need to make parts their own mesh and do each separately, modifier issues such as subsurf, mirror, multires can cause issues, etc. The program reaches out to weight a vertex and if it comes across a situation where more than one vertex is sharing the space it is looking for, it doesn’t know what to do because the code if that complex. So all the fixes are trying to make that situation not happen.


could be some non manifold geometry ? Ngons, etc ? What is yadda yadda ?