Bone Heat Weighting failed

Guys I’m new using Blender and when I’m riging it says to me Bone Heat Weighting error but i can’t show you because they tell me that new users can’t attach files how can someone help me please ?

Until your trust level is higher on the site, you could always put your .blend file up on

Here it is

Automatic weights won’t work on that mesh. The mesh has overlapping vertices. If you are going to use this mesh in Blender, it won’t shade well or animate well because of all the TRI’s. Automatic weights works by shooting rays out from the bone. If a vertex is obscured by another vertex it fails. Over lapping mesh will do that. You will have to skin it manually which will be chore and I have not seen anyone have any success with that style of armature. If your not going to export this back to the game engine, then you might be better off using a different rig and splitting out all your mesh parts.

starwars1.blend (2.0 MB)
Made some quick changes to allow you to continue with this.

  1. Removed doubles in edit mode
  2. Converted the mesh to quads (as much as was possible automatically)
  3. Deleted the right side bones and then went and marked each remaining bone as “connected”
  4. Parented the mesh to the armature (I removed the other Armature modifiers first)
    The weight are a bit of a mess, but that’s not surprising with the current mesh and armature.