Bone Heat Weighting failed

I’ve been having this issue when attaching my armature to my model, it keeps saying Bone heat Weighting failed. I’ve tried multiple solutions such as Recalculating, Removing doubles, Loosing parts then joining together. I’m running out of options so far and need assistance as my deadline for my project is currently growing closer. Thank for the help!

Hi, have you tried some google search. I´ve found someone with similar problem. try it. If it fails try write into google bone heat weight failed and try to find something. if it won´t work, you will have to figure it out or wait.

Amazing black magic paid solution:

Free more traditional solution by the same amazing dev:

Bone heat weight failures are generally due to bad geometry-- non-manifold, degenerate quads, etc. “Select all non-manifold” (spacebar menu in 2.8, ctrl-alt-shift m in 2.79) in edit mode and fix all that you see. Then try triangulating as a quick degenerate quad fix.

Thanks for the help all, I managed to find a stupid fix in the end, just by enlarging the model and decreasing the size It worked some how haha!