Bone Heat Weighting Problem

Hello, everyone. First Time posting here :slight_smile:
So I’m making a game in Unity and started learning modeling and rigging / animating in blender. At first I created a pair of hands and animated them, which worked fine, but now I tried creating the first enemy and ran into a problem:

When I select the mesh and the armature and press ctrl+p and then automatic weights I get this error:
“Bone Heat Weighting: Failed to find solution for one or more bones”

My best guess as to why this is happening, is that I modeled the character in edit mode and added new meshes to it, while still in edit mode. So I have multiple shapes that are not connected to each other inside one object. Or atleast thats what I think is the issue, since I have no mirrors or other modifiers on the armature or the model…

What should I do?? I don’t want to remodel the entire thing! :no: