bone heat weighting problem

Hi !

I am new to blender and tried to make my first model(futuristic astronaut) to use it for my studies. However i cant rig my mesh. When i try to apply automatic weight the error message (bone heat weighting failed to find solution for one or more bones) pops up.

Since this is my first model, this is most likely that i have made an error in my creation process.

I will try my best to detail the steps i used to make my model.

1- First of i have modeled a helmet using my drawing for reference. I have used an mirror modifier, then applied it and saved my helmet in a .obj format.

2- Then i have downloaded a basic low poly human mesh. I cut it in half they used a mirror modifier. (however the junction beetween the 2 parts seems weird.)

3- I separated the body in parts (Head, torso, arms, hands,feets) and used copies of these parts to model the suit of my astronaut.

4.When all the parts were done, i imported the .obj of the helmet (it came in one piece, not mirrored) and placed it on top of my head mesh.

5.Then i selected everything, pressed Ctrl+j to make one unique mesh

6- Finally i tried to rig the final mesh using the rigify add-on.

I have to finish rigging my character before tomorrow, so you guys are my last chance to not throw hours of work to the trash :frowning:

I will link my project files so you can check where the problem could be ( but again my work is messy, the helmet is the worst since it was the first part i made)

Thanks for your help, and hoping you all have a great day !


rigging problem body.blend (8.2 MB)helmet riggin problem.blend (768 KB)

There are a few issues with your character such as not 1.000 scale (apply object transforms for scale and rotation), your mesh is not centered on X (apply object transform for location and move it in place in edit mode again) and some of the mirrored vertices have gotten stuck in the middle so you may have to remove clipping and move them back.

You can also try moving the subsurf modifier up the stack and see if the automatic weights work.

Alright so i’ve tried everything but doesnt work … heres my project now, dou you still see issues ?


rigging problem body2.blend (10.3 MB)