"bone heat" weighting the opposite side of mesh....SOLVED

I’m trying to use “bone heat” for weight on my mesh…

SOLVED! Mesh normals were inconsistent! recalculating normals “outside” worked

it was working nicely, but after modifying my base mesh and mirroring it to get it symmetrical i try to weight with bone heat again… this time when i rotate the left arm the portion that should be weighted for the right arm moves, only using the left arm pivot point…

I’ve tried lots of things to figure this out… checked the names are correct eg “L_upperArm”, R_upperArm etc etc… I tried rotating the armature and mesh 180 degrees and “applying rotation” the re-weighting… still the same…

I tried deleting all the vertex groups and running the “bone heat” again… the same

I tried exporting as an obj, re-importing the mesh and re-weighting… the same…

Any ideas?

Sounds like you covered all the bases… Care to post a .blend?


P.S. if you can’t post it, pm me with an url to the file, I’ll look at it.

OK, Whilst preparing the blend to share I noticed that some of the face normals were pointing “inside” the mesh… recalculating outside and then using bone heat worked!

it seems I’m sorted now! Mystery solved!

I’ll have to remember that one!! Thanks for the tip!