Bone Heating Failed - HELP RIGGING T-REX

Help! I have tried to rig this t-rex for so long. There are no doubles, the model is symmetrical, all detached objects are separate… sigh it’s just not working. I keep getting the “Bone Heat Weighting: Failed to find solution for one or more bones” when i try to do automatic weights. And i really don’t want to do it manually. Please help! Here is the blend file: (2.21 MB)

First thing, actually look at your mesh. If you did so you would see the gaping hole along its back

You can manually stitch that together or use remove doubles with a merge distance of 0.010. The the automatic weighting will not raise an error

Also, please use the appropriate support forum for support questions. This is NOT blender discussion!

oh super sorry… thank you though! :o