Bone heating Problem with small details

Hey there! I just wanted to ask for some help. I have a model I have made with separate parts to fit the appearance and style of the model. I removed doubles from the mesh, Tried applying all of the modifiers, The vectors are clean. I just cannot get the model to not have a bone heating problem at all! The only things I have a big problem with or cause bone heating are 1. the Eyebrows, 2 the lining outside the eyes, 3. eye cornel or the blush. These are all the things I could simply join into the mesh for detail, But even when I join them together they still have a bone heating problem, is there anything I can do to fix this? Please help. some have shrinkwrap modifiers on in order for it to snap to the character. but I can’t figure out how to fix this bone heating problem.

Can anyone please help?

Anoying problem indeed. Scale your armature (and meshes) 10 times bigger and then try to automatic weights again. Should be fine. If it’s ok you can scale it back to 1.

This may be a dumb question, but how do I do that specifically? do I select all and then Scale it up?

Make your armature parent for your meshes - select all meshes, then select your armature, after that click ctrl+p choose “Object”, select your armature in object mode, scale it 10 times. After that you can reparent your meshes with automatic weights. If there is no heat error, you can clear scale from your armature (alt+s).

Okay so I have done that! Yet the problem is after I have parented the object and scaled it 10 times. I go to parent the meshes into an automatic weight and Immediately the mesh disappears or turns back into it’s regular size WIthout the armature. Is there any way I can fix this?

(Thank you for replying by the way)

Ok then try to unparent (unparent and keep transform) your meshes from armature. Also make sure after unparenting to apply transforms on your meshes and armature so scale is at 1 and rotation and location are at 0. Then scale your meshes and armature separately - select all , ctrl+s → 10. And finnaly parent meshes to armature with automatic weights.
This is all may seems very confusing, especially if this method won’t work. In that case you will need find another solution to this annoying problem.

Okay! so the parent and automatic weights has worked. But Now that it’s huge and I honestly don’t know how to scale it back without it being weird. Should I just keep it that size??? I scaled it back down a little but now I honestly don’t know what to do? Would this mess up any animation flow?
(It’s probably better this way since the size was literally 0.100)

Sorry, ENglish is not my native language I could get you wrong, so bear with me.
So I will try my best to explain.
First of all, before rigging you should decide what size your model should be. When you are happy with model size then you should match armature to size of your model. After it’s done you should apply transforms to model (meshes) and armature, your model and armature object must have 0 rotation\location and 1 scale in all three axes. Thats way you will be sure that rescaling your model and armature will be same. So you can select all and scale it up to 10 and back to 1.

If you like you can upload your model and I will see if it has some issues and fix it for you.

Thank you so much for your help! Honestly I decided to keep it this size due to how small I realized it was. I wanna thank you so much for taking your time and effort to explain to me on how to help this because it was really really draining. Thank you so much!

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