Bone Help :o

Does anyone have a tutorial of how to build a kind of blocky character and make the bones work…good? I have made a character and the bones for some reason are moving the vertices that I removed (from the bone) or never assigned to. Heres an example. I have a box. In edit mode I copy the box and put it on top. I make 2 bones. (they are not connected to each other the bones are different objects) I set the top bone to move only the top square. I pose the top bone but it also takes one verticy from the bottom box and moves it. So any help would be appreciated…or a tutorial :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you may have two bones, but are they in the same armature? One armature can have many meshes and one mesh can have many armatures.

I dont know how you set your vertice groups, but you could try weight painting them to the correct bone?