bone interpolation

Hey guys,

Just a quick question about blender, is it possible to turn off bone interpolation between the key frames, i can’t seem to find this function anywhere in blender and it is a major function, just wondering, if it isn’t already there would it be possible for 2.5.

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’d be nice!

for now you have to select all your keys in the ipo editor and change interpolation to constant from the curve menu…

it’d be nice to do this “non destructively” so that if you have a mix of interpolation types on keys you don’t lose them if you want to view just the keyframes for a bit…

messiah studio had this option if i recall.

Thanks micheal, i agree it’s not ideal, playing around with it though it seems quite nice, i can switch between constant, linear and bezier and it seems to keep the data fairly intact.

I’m not pro at animation, but i have a few animator friends, one at animation mentor and when animating they never turn on interpolation, it hinders (imo) the flow when you are trying to block out.

Maybe having the option, like you mentione of having non-destructive methods, or perhaps just a button in the animation panel to turn on/ off interpolation would be a good idea.

Also, if any devs read this, the option to choose a frame number to cycle in would be very good, instead of being either 1 or 10.


Do you mean interpolation between keyframes in general then?

Yea that’s what i’m getting at, an option to simply disable them when animating :slight_smile:

I think you can read the handle coordinates of the curve tangents by script, so you could store them somewhere, put the curve to constant and restore it all later.

I don’t really understand the questions here.

It sounds like you need Key > Interpolation Mode > Constant in the Action Editor? Hotkey is Shift+T.
And it already is non-destructive. Change interpolation, switch to constant and back again and you have the same interpolation still.

Perfect, there you go.

Ah right, i thought it changed the curves, my mistake then.

To be honest i had looked around (the wiki, manuals, books etc) but i couldn’t find an answer to what i wanted, which is what you (william) and MichealW said.

I’m not sure if this would be a good idea, but would it be possible to have an option under the system prefrences to have blender automaticly use Constant, bezier or linear as teh default, to save the user from having to select every object/ bone etc and set the curves to constant.

If this is a stupid idea, just let me know :stuck_out_tongue:

ah the wiki.

if you are doing pose to pose animations, use the Pose Library function. It makes one frame per pose, so you just jump from one pose to another. Then later when you make the action, you can insert those poses in time.

If I remember correctly testing of AnimSys 2 for Aligorith there was even possibility to set inrepolation method for animation curve per keys. So different parts of curve could have different interpolation. I believe this is also possible in Blender 2.5.

In 2.5 you can allready set the interpolation type for new keys in the preferences :slight_smile: