Bone is also scaling vertices when rotating - solved

Why is my bone scaling when I rotate? I don’t have envelopes on:

bone is being rotated along the Y axis… at 65 degrees, it appears to have shrunk the vertices… at 125 degrees, it certainly has shrunk the vertice group:

edit: image removed, problem solved, save imageshack’s space and bandwidth

Unparent the Mesh from the Bone or Armature and do Ctrl-A on the Armature Object in Object mode and again in Pose mode with all Bones selected. Then goto Edit mode with all Bones selected and do Ctrl-N, then parent them again.


Tried it twice. same thing… :frowning:

As you can see, all my bones are set up by default with their axis matching the global axis.

None of the other bones are behaving strangely… I am totally confused.

So am I. Could you upload the blend please, or send it to ([email protected])?


here it is…

I dig the way you expect me to sniff out the offending bone in amongst all that! I assume the problem is what happens when you rotate BO:Core? Bo:TeslaRig is parented to it and the Vert Group parented to TeslaRig distorts when you rotate Core. That’s because the Y-Axis of the 2 bones are 1) not alligned and 2) offset from one another. If you rotate BO:TeslaRig around it’s own Y-Axis then everything works fine.

You may have problems if you move either of the bones, but you could try either 1) unparent TeslaRig from Core and use a Copy Rotation constraint to have TeslaRig rotate with Core but remain stationary while doing so or 2) use an IPO Driver to do the same thing.


Sorry about that… first time I’ve posted my a blend.

I assume the problem is what happens when you rotate BO:Core?

No, BO:TeslaRig

But thank you… now I see I had somehow parented the vertices in question to both core and TeslaRig.

amateur mistake… bleeechh…

troubleshooting step one: be sure the appliance is plugged in…