Bone joints stuck in initial position; Mesh not visible in Weight paint mode

This is my first work in Blender, and first post.I was following a stick man rigging tutorial on youtube to create this mesh and armature. There are two problems:

  1. When moving bones, the joint bits are partially left behind in their initial position. One of my searches online suggested that appropriate weight painting might help, however:

  2. When in Pose mode (even after I selected the bone and the mesh), the mesh is not visible and so I cannot paint anything.

Any idea how to fix these? I spent many hours trying to solve this, and followed the tutorial from the start, three times. To no avail.


  1. Selected bone with right click.
  2. Shift + right click to select the mesh.
  3. Switched to weight paint mode.

  1. Demonstrating the ‘stuck’ joints

Screenshot of 4.

Please help!!