Bone layer management addon for Blender 2.78?

(nicmarxp) #1

Is this bone layer management addon available and updated for 2.78? This post below is from 2012, and I can’t get it working. Anyone has a script to share? :slight_smile:

(Sackadoo) #2

As far as I know (although I haven’t really checked) there is no current working version. I used to use it and it stopped working about 2013 or so. Very handy addon. If someone got it working again, I’d be on it in a heartbeat.

(stilltrying) #3

Well if you don’t mind the name. Here is one way to do it with the existing addons. Activate rigify in the add on panel.
Add your armature to start your rigging. You have one bone.
Click on add rigify layers.
You can now name your layers and use this panel to switch to them. At least you have the names and the ability to turn them on and off.
If you want to get fancy. In pose mode, select a bone in your armature and then click on basic copy in the bone panel at the bottom and check if you want just a control, deform or both. Do this for each of your bones. Then generate your rig again and it will put your selection panel for your control bones in the properties panel in the 3d screen. It also gives you the ability to easily customize your widgets.
Thanks to DanPro
I just got a little lazy on it.