bone layers

Hi, I moved some of my bones to another bonelayer, but I can’t figure out how to select which bone layers to view.

Thanks in advance!


Press F9 for Editing buttons / Armature Panel / Display Options.

There is a row of 16 buttons there that turn off/on the layer display. Turn them all on to find your bones :slight_smile:

Then in Pose or Edit mode, select a bone, and look under the Armature Bones panel. Under Selected Bones there is another row of 16 buttons. The layer that the bone is on will be selected. You can also change the layer for a bone by selecting a different button there.


OK. Thanks, stupid I didn’t notice it…

The scary thing it there’s an identical row of buttons in the very next window and if you click on those by mistake, you’re bones change layers again!

Edit: Oh, Mike kinda mentioned that sort of :slight_smile: