Bone moving faster then mesh

It is kind of important to know where each bone is when animating a mouth, so it’s a bit upsetting when the rig goes waaay out of proportion to the mouth when you just move it a little bit.

Here’s a GIF of the problem:

My node setup is an armature node followed by a sub-surf node:

I’ve played around with a couple of things, but to no avail. I don’t understand this problem and Google couldn’t provide an answer. How can I make the bone match the vertex in its movement?

Is it because it is not solidly weighted to the bone you’re moving? If you want it to be more solidly weighted, use weight paint paint the mesh manually.

And of course a subdivision surface modifier is likely to lead to volume loss. If you don’t want that, don’t do the subdivision, or else run the subdivision before (above) the armature.


because this part of your mesh is influenced by one or several other bones, so you need to fix that, either in Weight Paint mode or in Edit mode, select this part, go in the Properties panel > Object Data > Vertex Groups, and remove this part from all and reaffect to the good bone

I assigned it to a vertex group manually and the specific edges I want to move are 100% weighted.

From what I’ve seen, this mesh requires the subdivision surface to be active and after the armature modifier in order to make the mouth smooth and flexible

Could you elaborate more as to what you mean?

Did you remove it from all other groups? Blender allows unnormalized weights to be normalized at the time of armature evaluation. Weighting a vert 1.0 to a bone does not mean that it’s fully weighted to that bone.