Bone Names

How do I change bone names? When I select my armature, choose the edit tab, and hit show names I get the bone names. But the names are Bone, Bone.001, Bone.002, Bone.003 ect. How do I change these names?

In the “Armature Bones” tab in either Edit or Pose mode you select the bone name at Top-Left with Shft-LMB and backspace.


Or, open an Outliner window, list in outline format and open up the armature tree to show all bones. Ctrl-LMB on each bone name and change it. You can access each bone easily this way and be sure not to miss any - and as you select each bone, it will also be selected in the 3D view so you can be sure what you’re editing.

Ctrl-LMB on each bone name

Ha… didn’t know that. Still learning every day so thanks!