bone names

sorry if the question was already asked, i didn’t found the answer for it in search

but is there a way to hang a bone name globally to every animation?

image to help explain my problem:

ps. sorry if its in wrong category, bones more fits animation rather then modeling :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry for double post but really no one can help me here with that ?
at least for post that its not possible (if its true).

I’m not understanding your doubt very well, please explain yourself better. Bones have hierarchies just like meshes, materials and textures do. Do you mean you want to have like a master bone to control other bones which are in turn animated?

as i sad previously i want to change the “name” of the bone to all my animations, since i have like 32 animations already done and object with around 55 bones with names like bone.r001, i want to change them to like ankle, wrist,ect, but apparently it only works to one of thous 32 animations, so i want globally change the bone name to all my animation, so i don’t have to reaped renaming 32 times 55 bones names

all animations are in the same file but in different datablok in action editor

hope this will help light up my problem

If the animations are linked to that armature and you have no more armatures in your scene, you should be able to change the name of the bone in the Properties window and it would update for all anims in the Action Editor.

well as i notice now the problem is that after changing name of the bone the names in action editor in others databloks stays the same (apparently it don’t update) with makes lost then animation. to make sure I’m not doing it wrong hers the image:
hope it will help :slight_smile:

It appears to me, by looking at that image, that all actions have a fake user, because of that big F next to them. I’m not sure because I don’t use 2.4x anymore. Check the Outliner to see if you have the animations attached to the armature.

Wow ! I smell at a big salad here. Your confusion have brought you a lot of trouble. I will explain you why, see the shots for better understanding:

What you have being doing is changing the names of the Actions channels. Channels must have the exact name of the bone, otherwise those keys are not longer linked to that bone. ( You must give their original name back to all of them to recover your animation, hope you have a backup file)

Now what you need to do is change the bone’s name in the 3D viewport. Select your armature, edit mode or pose mode, select a bone to change, press N and this will bring the properties menu, there you change bone.001 for arm. You do this for each bone, then all your actions ( animations ) will reflect those changes, no matter how many you have…55 32 1000 etc. ( Only one time change)…After you do this, don’t forget to click Synchronize with Armature if you do not see the names ( Action Channels ) updated. See the shot (from the header: Channels>>>Grouping>>>>Synchronize with Armature )

Before doing all these, make a copy of your file. Do all these in a copy…I don’t want more enemies if a mistake occurs, even from my side or yours. ( Too many terms to handle)

Look what ptbbastos told you is certainly true. Because you changed the Actions Name, now those actions do not belong to anybody, The F is a fake user, but the true noone is using it. You may try to fix your file by renaming the bones with the names already in your Actions channels, I don’t know if Blender will take it in that way since we are doing it in reverse…you might try. By the way, I recommend you to start using 2.5 ! many of us not longer use 2.49 ! plus 2.5 is a lot easier and more powerful in all means.

Good Luck


nop i changed name in selected bone on the tool bar

anyways tho i did the same way u told me it act still the same

one animation I’m current in updates the names but others datablocks stays with old names even with using “Synchronize with Armature” :confused:

and don’t worry i appreciated any help that people provide me, so i will not be one of your enemies :stuck_out_tongue:

and yes i always make backup copy

maybe I’m to stupid for that issue, should name the bones before animating them X.x

i would switch to the 2.5 alpha but idk wheres the center origin option and loads of others option :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t give up! By the way why did you delete some of your screen shots? I remember seeing one with the bone Action Channel name being different from the bone’s name…Did you fix it now and that’s why you remove the image?

uhmmm…it doe not mater from where you rename the bones ( pressing N or from the button’s Edit windows, the result is the same=renaming the bone)

When you say: maybe I’m to stupid for that issue, should name the bones before animating them X.x It seems you are not reading with attention the answers given:

there you change bone.001 for arm. You do this for each bone, then all your actions ( animations ) will reflect those changes, no matter how many you have…55 32 1000 etc.

So it does not matter if you make your animation and later rename the bones, everything gets updated. What you did was unlinked the actions from the bones, i am telling you that, ptbastos has told you that too…concentrate on that problem. My advice is: 99 percent of the time the mistake is made by us…if you pretend that you did everything correctly and the problem happened from the nowhere ( like a ghost ) then you will never solve a problem in life…giving up is even worst. if you want post the blend file…then I will fix it for you if you haven’t done so by now )

weird i didn’t delete no screen shots O.o u say its the problem with linking then maby thats my answer i need to look et up idk why tho i created model, armature, model linked to armature then next animation i was adding in action editor in data blocks

but idk apparently how to link animation to armature X.x

i wish i could but i can’t DX but i did other animated object as i always do, with the same name issue maby u will find how to solve et

i fell like such a nooby :stuck_out_tongue:


silver.blend (342 KB)

hey lionx…I have uploaded the .blend file with all the bones renamed and all actions channels renamed in just one step !

Look, exactly as I told you my friend. The problem is that you did not have any link to the Armature. Actions in 2.49 are interchangeable, so all the actions you want to change ( bones names=channels) must be linked to the armature, otherwise Blender 2.49 does not know that all those actions need to be renamed.

Well to make it shorter, simply convert all the actions you want to change, in strips in the NLA Editor ( you know, load the action and press C in the NLA ). Load then anywhere in the timeline ( it does not matter where, we only want to create the datablock link ).

Once you have all actions loaded as strips in the NLA Editor, you have created a link already ! …Now Blender knows that those actions belong to the Armature.

So now change the bone’s names as we talked earlier ( N, or in the buttons panels, wherever ) and ALL THE ACTIONS WILL BE UPDATED. Then if you wish you can delete the strips from the NLA. THE JOB IS DONE, you have updated all the actions ! Try it on your file Mister.:smiley:


silver_modified.blend (362 KB)

Thank you weary much for your help :slight_smile: without your help i would not be able to fix et

Sorry to bump this thread, I didn’t want to make the same one twice.

Does anyone know how to “Synchronize with Armature” in 2.54 beta?

Here is a screen shot of what my screen looks like.