Bone Orientation - Very Basic Question

Hello, everyone. I am exploring mechanical rigging using bones, and have come across something I would like to get cleared up before proceeding. I understand that a bones Y-axis begins at the head and goes through the tip. Yet when I create a new armature in Blender 2.79, it shows the Z-axis going from head to tip. In the screenshot, you can see how the bone’s orientation matches the world orientation as show by the red, green, and blue widget in the bottom left of the picture. The bone is exactly as created, with no changes at all.
I guess my question is, is the bone’s Y-axis defined by the position of the head and tip?



I figured it out! Sorry for the confusion!

Yeah edit vs. object mode used to catch me out all the time. Still does every now and then. :wink:

Thanks for the update. Please edit your first post (there’s a prefix setting there) to mark this thread solved.


Thanks! I always seem to figure things out right after I hit the post button!