Bone position

Hi, it is possible to get single bone position in blender GE?? I have armatur with 11 bones and i need position of last bone.

Please be more specific. you should be able to click on the bone in pose mode and hit N, It should tell you where it is. I hope this answers your question but it is somewhat hard to know what you are asking.

I think Is talking maybe for a python function to get the bones position in-game. But unfortunatly you cant get access to the bones in-game :frowning:

:confused: I need it in game :/, I have robot arm, and it can drive in it self. My idea to stop this was to get last bone position, and if it position is equal with else bone position, it block proces of animation.

ETA you could do that with bone blending. have a separate animation for each bone, then you can control each one with a property.Later you can do the blocking by monitoring the propertys :smiley:

Also maybe do this if you script:

setChannel(channelname, matrix)

Accepts a string channelname specifying the name of a valid action channel or bone name, and a 4x4 matrix (a list of four lists of four floats each) specifying an overriding transformation matrix for that bone. Note that the transformations are in local bone space (i.e. the matrix is an offset from the bone’s rest position).
This function will override the data contained in the action (if any) for one frame only. On the subsequent frame, the action will revert to its normal course, unless the channel name passed to setChannel is not specified in the action. If you wish to override the action for more than one frame, this method must be called on each frame.
Note that the override specified in this method will take priority over all other actuators.

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