Bone Problem (Bad posing?)

I’m having a problem with models I’m trying to import. I’m trying to compare Leonax’s prepared Tracer model with my ones needed for my animations (in the free time).

I don’t know if this is caused by bad posing or bad meshing…

That’s a weight painting issue, or more specifically, your vertex weights need to be fixed.

Well, it’s there any way to fix this to make it proper? Better in step by step.

Basically what you need to do is weight paint the character correctly, which is a whole tutorial in itself and much too involved to go into here. However, here is a brief overview of what to do with this particular area. This example only applies to the foot. You’ll have to do something similar for other parts that need work.

With the character posed (like you have now), click on the character model, switch to Weight Paint mode.

In the Vertex Groups panel (the little upside-down triangle) click on the foot group. You should see the model change color depending on what group is associated with the bone. For example, the foot vertex group should only affect the foot of the model, so all weighting associated with the foot will change from dark blue to a different shade when you select that group (blue being the lowest influence, red being the highest).

In the weight painting panel, select the “F Draw” brush and set the Weight to 1.0, and strength to about .5 or so.

Paint over the areas of the foot that are distorted and they should snap into place like magic. If not, then try the toe vertex group.

That’s about all I can give you ATM.

Ah, right, I forgot that with Automated Weighting limbs are a bit… I don’t know… And if this ain’t going to work, I’m gonna be forced to upload my blend. file.

And here’s few other screens that shows from what I’ve understood.

No weight painting:

0.5 strengh weight paint:

With paint weighing MAX:

Only Weight Painting not worked.
And it appears the same to the arms, elbows and wrists.

The biggest problem with automatic weights is that it puts assigns weighting on areas of the mesh that don’t need it, and some of those weights are so low in value that you can’t see them. I know it will be a pain, but you might have to start from scratch by weight painting everything yourself. Actually, the hardest part is deleting all the existing vertex weights while keeping the groups; maybe hard is too strong – tedious since you have to do each finger, toe, etc.

Oh, I forgot to read it carefully. Should It supposed to be like this. I am so dumb.


Yes… but the areas where the leg bends (knee, ankle) may need to be smoothed out with the Blur brush in weight paint mode.