Bone Problems

I’ve been working on a simple character for the last few days, and I have just started to rig his legs. Everything works alright except for the right leg. Basically, whenever I move the bone in the right foot, the left foot moves as well. I originally thought it was an issue with the weight painting, but I cleared the weight painting on all bones and redid it, but nothing changed. What is causing this problem? I’ve attached to blend file if you want to take a look at it.



characterupper-Rigged-legs.blend (291 KB)

Hmmm, for some reason, you have 2 vertex groups for “Foot.L”, not really sure why. Vertex groups aren’t covered in that BSOD Intro to Char Anim. But to help you learn, here’s the relative manual page about vertex groups:

It’s pretty simple to understand and something you need to learn about if you ever want to go beyond that tutorial and create other characters. Please note, that webpage has a link to another about armatures and vertex groups, but you don’t need to skip ahead and read that. The webpage link above contains all the info you need to fix this problem.


That’s weird. I don’t remember adding a second group to any of the bones. Removing the group fixed the problem though. Thanks for the help!

Vertex groups are automatically created when you weight paint, and they are named after the bones they are weight painted to. I did that tutorial long time ago and it doesn’t cover vertex groups. I don’t know how you got the second group, or why blender allows 2 different vertex groups with the same name… dunno, but glad you got it figured out.