Bone question-(how much a bone affects a vertex)

Hi, I have a question. I was wonder if there was a way to set how much a bone affects the verticies “connected to it”, if that makes any sense. Right now, I have a simple mesh, which (hopefully) you can see below. The top jaw, head, and eyes are affected by one bone. However, when I move that bone, the eye moves up faster than the jaw, disconnecting it from the head. I need it so that when I move that “upper jaw” bone, the eyes move the same amount as the jaw.

How have you connected the vertexes to the bones? With vertex groups or by envelopes? My guess is that the jaw is affected by another bone too. That way it gives a result that is an average of the different bones.

If you are using vertex groups, see so the jaw vertexes aren’t in several groups. If you are using envelopes see so the jaw vertexes aren’t in the envelopes of several bones.

All fixed, thanks