Bone roll often seems to go off at funny rotations!

Hi there,

When extruding bones from other bones, even in an ortho front or side view, the next extruded bones quite often come out at funny angles (fractions of degrees etc), which is annoying when I am trying to keep things consistent.

Also, let’s say I have a bone that has its axes aligned with the World axes… when I extrude from that bone another bones, quite often I have to give the next bone a bone roll of plus or minus 90 degrees just to keep the axes aligned with the previous bone, even though the previous bone will not need any such rotation to maintain alignment.

This tends to be when I extrude bones at an angle rather that straight forward from the previous bone.

In short, bone roll puzzles me somewhat!

Not sure why they do that either, but at least there’s a tool to help with that. It’s called “recalculate roll” and it’s hotkey is Control-N. Turning on the bone axes will give a better idea of what each of the options does.

And a related command is called “set roll” accessable via Control-R. Does the same thing as adjusting roll on the properties panel, but without having to have the panel open and works across multiple selected bones.

Also don’t forget you can constrain bone extrusions to axes by hitting the appropriate axis while the extrude operation is active. That also keeps the rolls lined up fairly straight. And I suppose one last option is to use ortho view and bones will stay pretty flat if extruding on the X, Y, or Z planar views.