bone rolling automatically

I have an armature for which I carefully placed and rolled the bones to match another model, however, for only a few of the bones, their roll values change each time I switch out of edit mode. The roll values seem to be increasing by a random amount each time i leave editmode. How can this happen? I’m setting the roll value by hand in the “transform properties” popup window.

Please help. This is VERY problematic for what i’m doing.

are you setting it in edit mode or pose mode?

I’m having a similar problem. The roll values keep changing, regardless of whether or not I move the bone. It’s only changing by a fractional level for me (I’ll set them to 0.000, and later on they’ll shift to 0.001 or -0.003), but so far I haven’t been able to figure out what’s causing it. These bones in particular are a part of the very “base” skeleton, and are all aligned with a snap-to-grid method, so it’s not like I’ve been moving them around or tweaking their positions.

At that small of a roll value, it may not be important. But it doesn’t make sense why it’d change if I don’t do anything to those bones, unless I just don’t understand how Blender gets that value.