Bone rotation limit

I did this in 2010, and I can’t remember the method I used to set the rotation angle range (in blue) of that bone, I was expecting to see a limit rotation constraint in Bone-constraints tab, but there is no bone constraint there(!?!?)
So, where else can I look for that in order to change the angle range?

Limit Rotation bone constraint ?

Yeap, but nothing is there -another Blender mystery!


Nevermind, mystery solved! (relative features spread all over the interface is Blender’s worst ‘feature’ IMO).


If this bone is in an IK-chain, it doesn’t have a constraint of its own but it is indirectly constrained by the IK constraint controlling the whole chain. IK does not play well with other constraints so it has its own limit system, which can be found in the bone data tab under Inverse Kinematics. These options are not in the constraint tab because they are not directly a part of a constraint; they are part of the bone’s own settings which merely get used by a constraint on a different bone.

Thanks, but I posted it a few seconds first :slight_smile:
EDIT: Thanks for the explanation, though in a perfect Blender, all relative features would be on the same place.