bone rotation

after adding an armature with one bone

and adding a key frame for rotation

in the N panel is there a way to set the rot angle in degrees ?
right now seems to be in radians ?

Also bone seems to have different axis then world
like to rotate around Z I need to change Y bone axis
so is there a way to reset the bone’s axis to the world ?

happy bl

Blender calculates all rotations as radians.

The Global Local question is a bit vague.

Bones ALWAYS have the Y axis running from tail to head, it never changes nor can you change this. You can “normalise” bones CTRL+N in Edit Mode to orient the other two axes if you need to. To rotate a bone about Global Z axis, just key R Z and an angle for example or just move the mouse. To rotate bone about its own Z axis, key R ZZ and an angle.

Hope this helps you!

Cheers, Clock.

thanks guys

I forgot about this Y axis along bone !
don’t do enough rigging

will test that again

happy bl