Bone scales sphere?

I’m not sure if this is a modeling or animation question - I lwent with animation because it involves an armature.

I made a character’s head out of a UV sphere, scaled the sphere to 90% on the X and Y axis, moved some vertices around for eye sockets, etc. The sphere is parented to an armature and all its vertices are assigned to the ‘head’ vertex group.
When I rotate the head bone, on any axis, the sphere rotates, too, but at the same time it is scaled on the X and Y axis. If, for example, I rotate the head 90 degrees to the left, it rotates and gets 50% smaller on X and Y (not Z). If it’s rotated 180 degrees, it becomes 1 dimensional.
When I remade the head without scaling it, it works fine.
From this description, can anyone work out where I went wrong? Thanks.


Perhaps the way you’ve assigned the vertices might be causing some problems (i.e. bad weights), or maybe you’ve got two armature modifiers?


aligorith: Thanks for the reply. In frustration, I’ve actually remade the head and it works fine.

I assigned the vertices in edit mode and did all of them (using Ctrl+L) at 1.00. The head and armature were duplicates - so the double armatures may have been the problem.