Bone Segments vs. negative rotation

This is more of a rigging question than anything, so I think it best goes here. Sorry if I’m wrong.

The method I’ve devised to rig human arms relies on a segmented bone for twisting. It looks really good up to about 90 degrees, but it needs to twist 180 for full range of motion. I originally modeled to allow +90 and -90 degree rotation to accommodate this limitation. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that rotating/twisting bone segments to -90 is read as twisting it + 270.

Is there any way to smoothly rotate the negative direction?

If not, can anyone think of a way to pre-twist the vertices in the opposite direction so that 180 twist would just look what I wanted 90 to and 0 twist look like what I wanted to be -90?

Case closed - I found a solution.

In case anyone else is having the same or similar problem, I just used control-r in bone edit mode to change the bone’s initial bone angle. Worked like a charm!