Bone selection not updating in properties

I have a character set up, and was working fine, but I suddenly hit this wall:

In pose or edit mode, when I select a bone in the viewport, it highlights as usual. However the properties tab does not update. It seems stuck on one bone. The PIN for follow context is not down. Pressing it toggles the interface as usual, but no selection update. Changing the properties effects the bone in the properties tab, not the one selected in viewport. YIKES.

I have to select the bone via the outliner. Whatever one I select is what it is locked on.

In object mode, I can select objects and armatures.
Copying and pasting rig into new scene does not fix it.
Creating a new armature in a clean scene does not fix it.

I uninstalled Blender 2.82 and installed the 2.82a but the problem persists. Did a factory reset. No luck.

Help! I can’t deliver the project! Is this some weird option I fired off with a keystroke?

FINALLY!!! The culprit was the old “FADE BONES” setting in viewport overlays. There is a bug when this is on that viewport selection of bones breaks.