Bone to Vertex Assignment Problem

Greetings All!

I have been going through Tony MUllen’s ‘Introducing Character Animation With Blender’ Second Edition and I am using Blender 2.61.

I have reached the part where I have to rig Captain Blender’s tongue. I built the tongue rig as he indicated, and added the constraints without problem. Where I am stuck is where he writes, “The bones that should deform the tongue mesh are TongueStretch1, TongueStretch2, and TongueStretch3. You can add these bones to the vertex groups list by hand and assign the tongue verts to the appropriate bones by hand in Edit mode.”

That makes no sense. He never mentions any way to ‘add bones to vertex groups by hand’ nor can you assign verts to appropriate bones. If you select the mesh in object mode and go into edit mode you can’t select individual bones. If you select the armature in object mode and go into edit mode the ‘Object Data’ tab where the vertex groups are disappears.

Has anyone else here done this tutorial? Any help would be appreciated.

when you select the mesh and go into ‘object data’ tab, you can see all the vertex groups.
when you apply the armature with “automatic bone weights”, you can notice that blender creates one vertex group for each of the bones of the rig (that have deform active). So, if you want to add a bone and skin some vertices with this bone, you can add manually this vertex group, with the same name of the bone that u want to use.

i hope it will be useful

Thank you. Yes, that is quite useful.