Bone troubles

I have a bone that has some text on it. I would like it not to be selectable. The only reason I do not just make an identical mesh and parent it to an invisible bone is because I need the bone to only be visible when a certain bone layer is visible.
Is there any way to either make the bone unselectable (like the mouse icon in the outliner) or have a mesh that dissappears and appears with a bone layer?

I have attached a picture of the bone so that you can understand why I need this.

Thanks in advance,


only way i can think of is to set a property for those text elements, and use a spacehandler script that traps the select event. if the property exists for that object, then un-select it.

You can lock (transform properties panel, the lock icon) the locrotscale of the text objects, and that way even if they are selected, you won’t be able to do anything with them.

Python? :eek:
Is there such an example? This may be a good way for me to introduce myself to python… Your way has some real advantages to me!