Bone weight extremely weak - despite painted weight

I have a character I’ve rigged, and spent hours weight-painting the bones until I realized one bone (a thigh bone) was missing. I thought, “well, It shouldn’t be much trouble; I can just add another in and weight paint it individually.”

Well, it ended up not working at all. No matter how red I painted that stupid leg, the influence was (and is) still weaker than the shin.

The influence is there, so I know there’s no problem with the vertex group being invalid or whatever. It’s just weak… And I have no idea why. I’d prefer not to lose my painting work by parenting the mesh again (and resetting everything to automatic weights) - and anyway, I highly doubt that would work.

Could someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

Looks like your thigh is still also painted to the thigh bone that was missing.
Can you “unpaint” the thigh from the missing bone? Then the full influence should come from your added bone.

Blenders weightpainting is… erm… “unique” Just watch this video, I know its 28 minutes long and the title says rigify but really its just a half hour explanation of all the idiosyncrasies with Blender’s weightpainting. I am certain you will find the answer to your question in that video.

Thanks for the replies! Apparently the original bone had gone to hide in another bone layer… Not sure how it got there, but I was able to switch it back via the Armature tab.

Looks like the bottom half of your thigh is also painted to your shin bone.