Bone weight problem (never mind, fixed it)

Hello. As the title says, I have a problem with bone weight painting. Well, not exactly the painting process itself, but rather getting the bones/vertices act like they’re supposed to.

Basically, vertices (or bones?) disregard the weight value - if it’s not zero, it acts as if it’s 1. That is, vertices either don’t follow bones at all, if I’ve assigned 0 bone weight value to them, or they follow bones completely - so the weight 0.001 and 1.000 (and anything inbetween) give exactly the same amount of deformation. Clearly, that’s not supposed to be like that - especially considering that other part of the model “understands” the weight with no problems. I’ve tried deleting the bone and replacing with new one, deleting the vertex group, renaming it, repainting the weight to 0 and then to some value again, but nothing has worked as of yet.
Could anyone help out with an advice or a fix to this? I have invested a bit too much time and effort in this model to simply give it up.

Ah, blimey, looks I’ve found the solution. For the future refference, it’s here:
I guess I should have looked more carefully before posting the thread. My bad…