Bone with Constiant rotation/Slider/manuel?

Hi i have a character that has spinning bits on it, i wont to be able to rotate them from within pose mode so its all in the same action but the bones will spin for 359 degrees and then spin back and start spinning again from the base position?

Any ideas, I would also like to be able to assign this to a slider maybe, but i would also like to be able to control it by rotations as well, we are talking 1 to 2 rotations a second.

Thank you for any help :smiley:

You can edit the IPO curve of the rotating bone to make sure it continues in the same direction. personally, I would rotate it once in the direction I want then set the extend mode on that IPO curve to extrapolate so it continuously rotates.

Thats what i have been trying to do but the rotations of bones are not handeled in that way? i get four graphs and if i use exstend i get odd results.

I have been thinking of setting up a slider to contole aceleration instead of rotation i.e. if the slider is on 0 then the bits dont rotate if its on 0.5 then it spins at 0.5 rotations a secound and if its on 1 then it rotates 1 time per secound.

do you know how to do that?

Thanks for helping.