Bone2.1 (Mature Shooter with a crazy theme)

I know Im talking about people who are to immature to realize that they could become addicted, OD and die

Survival of the Fittest my friend, the worlds already over populated, in some ways this is good for us.

self destructiveness has nothing to do with Survival of the fittest. (and Im starting to sound a little mean so Im going to shutup)

Survival of the Fittest Inquires those weaker then you die off, if there too weak to say No they were not meant to live that long anyways I think your right. but I still dont agree with the use of drugs. I think the general debait of drug use is a personal oppinion and therefore cannot be concluded by facts.

Ya in some ways thats correct, but the sum of the matter is it is the persons own fault and if one drug is to be blamed they should take away all drugs, and disallow docters from using any form of drug to help there patientsi can sure as hell take a surgery without pain killers so i dont see why others cant, but ya facts only go so far with the concepts floating between others.

Now we talk about things that are bad for people and short lives…
Were soldiers when also meant to have short lives??

Government don`t say to anyone to get medication by force , maybe this person have a mental illnes or other condition and have a low judgment factor.

You other are kidds if you don`t see that , a reall deffect of some illnes (mental) it is that anti-social behavior of not accepting the reality and the basic rules that do not do harm to anyone.

Moderators close this tipe of threads , and get a psyhologist in your team.

what the heck happend to this Thread!???

I don’t know where you live, but in at least half the world, such use of drugs is illegal. and to be honest, it sounds like you’re on them. I don’t intend to test your game, based on the talk here. saying “my coworkers would like it” to someone you asked for crit from is like telling a math teacher that 2+2 is 5 where you come from, so he should teach that.

There’s a difference between drugs for medicine and drugs for fun.
Perscription drugs are used to HELP the patient be treated or deal with a sickness unless abused.
People who do drugs for fun are a bunch of low life scum that have nothing better to do with your lives. Find something useful to do for the world.

  1. I don’t know where you come from, but I’m pretty sure that marijuana isn’t legal.
  2. I don’t think that the government is making you take marijuana.

But about your game, I think the fact that you were able to create an endless environment is astounding. Very well done.

Drug addicts need help, not ignorance. Most have some form of bi-polar (used loosely here) disease and as a result have addictive personalities, poor impulse control etc. coupled with peer pressure, lots of available cash, boredom, free availability etc. and is a social problem. You need to fix society, not the drugs. If you what to get rid of dealers, legalise and produce dirt cheap drugs, freely available for drug users and then you only need to deal with the addicts. Perhaps Eyeball needs a better merchant. Good quality dagga makes me drowsy and introverted so why all the anger?

yes, thank you for noticing the endless space!!!

From what I’ve seen of your posts, you don’t take criticism very well. If you plan to sell your games you will really have to learn how to accept input on the flaws of your games and even learn to handle the haters. Some of the things you make will not appeal to everyone. It doesn’t make them ignorant or stupid. It means they just aren’t into whatever it is you made.

Most people want details about what they are downloading. Some sort of overview as to what they should expect. Your original post doesn’t give any of that. Maybe making a bullet point list of the features or restrictions of your game/demo and some ingame screenshots/videos would go over a lot better.

Overall, you really need to loosen up when people have not-positive things to say. It turns people off when the author of a game/movie is unwilling to listen to their audience.

Learn to spell country and offense retard and stop judging everybody else because you obviously have some type of mental problem or you may have just been high at the time of this post. If you are high i highly recommend that you stfu until you sober up because you are making yourself sound more retarded with each post.

I dont like ABUSE or SLANDER, I love constructive crits and handel them verry well.

This thread is locked because no one seems to be following forum rules or even showing others a bit of decency, including the original poster. Please respect others, and do not respond to aggressive posts with more aggression… that solves nothing.
You should all be ashamed of yourselves.