BoneBreaker - UE4 mannequin animation - effortless and free

You forgot to enable the Rigify plugin.

Problem solved, thank you ! :smiley:

Just noticed this btw.

The hierarchy (all that matters) seems exactly the same here.
Minus IK bones.
Minus a Root bone.

The angle being off could be a result of an import option.

As with anything in Ue4 I’m willing to bet that separating an arm away from the character won’t reflect any changes when imported back. That’s just how retargeting works - normally.

You can open up the and modify the array of bones to get the names to match.

Start with the method that generates the adjusted rig.

Given all the bones are more or less in the same order this should he as straight up as renaming the bones and changing the size that the initial metarig is enlarged by to match your ARK skeleton.
From looking at it that’s exactly a 100% increase of the original vs my 90 something%.
Also easy to spot and change as it’s one of the first operations when clicking the metarig button.

On the rotations, if re-importing the odd rotated skeleton as displayed above doesn’t cause weird issues, you can leave the rotations as they are.
The script does not touch them, it just merges and parents the bones to one another.

Once you have a welded metarig generated you can simply click the Rigify buttons on the rigify system itself and forget the plugin.
Which probably won’t work offhand on account of the main skeleton not being called Root etc.

Either way, it’s a process for sure. But the fact you can replace the names in the array should get you 80% there without much work.

I have a similar problem as RYBKA:

It also happens when I press “DO IT ALL”. Rigify is installed. I imported the “SK_Mannequin.fbx”. I hope you can help me because this seems like a great tool.

Your error is different. It seems you are either on an old version of blender and need to update - or the latest version has changed the way the scene cursor is handled.
In either case you can access the file and simply delete line 317 in

I reinstalled Blender and now it works. Thanks!

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For the life of me I cannot seem to get this to work, using the FBX export button seems to be exporting the Rigify rig, which results in a slew of errors from Unreal upon import. On top of that it complains that the bone transforms are wrong.

Using Bonebreaker 3.6 (download says 3.6, addon panel says it is 3.5.0…)
Unreal 4.22.3
Blender 2.80 (64bit, official not nightly build)

Steps I’m taking:

  1. Export UE4 Mannequin Skeletal Mesh (SK_Mannequin) from UE4 without LODs or collision
  2. Import UE4 Mannequin into Blender 2.8 using bonebreaker import
  3. Click the “DO IT ALL” button under Char Rig
  4. Keyframe a crappy animation to test
  5. Deselect rig and press “Key All Frames” button
  6. Press the FBX button under BoneBreaker’s export
  7. Import animation into Unreal, at which point Unreal unloads a pile of errors all referencing Rigify bone names and one stating the bone transforms are different. Unsurprisingly the animation doesn’t work (except for root animation, for some reason)

Exporting using the “Rig” button to export doesn’t work either, though I can’t tell what the difference between Rig and FBX is supposed to be from the tooltips…

Console gives no indication anything has gone wrong.

Fbx exports non skeletal meshes.
You want to click the rig button to export the mannequin.

Why exactly does exporting using the rig button not work?

And also, have you baked the animation keyframes?
You should not need this step unless you are adjusting a pre-existing ue4 animation, which sounds like what you are doing when you say that the skeleton root animation does import.

Are you using the Cueves plugin as well?
As always, a print out or screenshot of the console window will help if the issue is an error even while exporting - especially with the curve plugin since I commented key parts of the export that can go wrong to keep track.

Fbx exports non skeletal meshes.
You want to click the rig button to export the mannequin.

And also, have you baked the animation keyframes?

I got it working, these two were my issue.

Your video had you pressing a button titled “Export FBX” to export so I figured FBX was what I was supposed to use. I was trying to export only a custom animation. I THOUGHT I had tried to use Key All Frames before exporting with the Rig button, but I guess I must not have because Unreal failed to find an animation track in the file. Should have been more thorough with my testing.

Anyway thank you for the help and the addon, sorry to be a nuisance :slight_smile:

No nuisance at all.

Also feedback is always welcome.

And yes, between the game jam and the current project I have neglected to update videos, and the addon as well.
Looking to remedy that this week.

I was able to get the mannequin from UE4 into Blender, easily animate in Blender, then export to UE4 with no errors. Really great job on the addon! Question: is there a way to get the Ue4FBX module the that import UE4 operator tells exists?


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I have very little time, but soon gona try this addon, just a few questions:

-does it only work with the mannequin or other skeletons aswell? Let’s say I retargeted some animations on my character in ue4 (which has a similar but not exact match armature as the epic) and I want to bring back to blender via your addon to fix it.

-let’s say I have an already rigified character (makehuman, Manuel lab, Daz3d all have tools to convert to rigify). What do you think, what would be the best way to “connect” them with your addon and let those custom characters get back into unreal with the epic armature. (there are some tools which can help already but none of them is straigth forward, maybe you can figure out something)


Hello! Please explain me is it possible to use your addon for creating fully custom skinned characters? What I see is only editing existing Mannequin at all. I need to align bones to my model and skin it to UE4 skeleton and import character into UE4 and use standard skeleton.

Import the mannequin, pose it to your mesh and weight paint. You now have the correct vertex groups for the bones. Bind it to a new copy of the skeleton. done. This addon is an animating tool, not so much the making the characters.

I wouldn’t re-pose the mannequin but utilize the A pose it comes with instead.

Move Translations ONLY on the armature. Rotations should never be changed (UE4 does that and uses it for re-targeting).

However, yes. this is mostly an Export/workflow improvement + character animation plugin. It will work with whatever epic skeleton base you import in. I even managed it with a Paragon character.