Bones and connected mesh change position when I start game engine. Please help!

Hi guys, I recently created a new character and made a set of bones for him. Once i start game engine the first time, it is fine. my character is in the right position and everything, but if i make it do an action while in game engine, get out of game engine and then start it again, it is in a whole new position and rotated. also. I’ll post a picture

– the top picture is fine, first time I get get ingine

– second picture is after making it do an action, changes origin position. still moves when i tell it to though.


Press right arrow, does action play right?

If it does then it’s probably a scale issue, or you changed origins after keyframing

Check that only relevant tracks of the animation are keyframed (eg if you are only changing rotation, then don’t insert location keyframes).

is there a way to find out where the origin was while i was keyframing? thanks for replies. working through it

The origin is wherever it is when you go out of edit more, select only a single object, and it’s where the arrows are.