Bones and Rig

Anyone know how to rig clothes that are already embedded into a characters rig, like rigging separately clothes but still attached to the main character so that i can animate it?

Not 100% sure what you are asking…

So the character has clothing that is controlled by the character’s rig?

And you want to rig the clothes so you can animate them independent of the character?

Assuming this is what you want, you would first start by adding bones to the character’s rig to deform the clothing. The clothing would need to be weighted to these new bones so they control the clothing. Then add in the control bones and any others as needed.

For example, let’s say it’s a top hat that just moves with the head, and you want to animate it more. I would add 2-3 deform bones running up the tall part of the hat. Weight the hat to the new bones. Then you would want to add controller bones for the new deform bones. You would do this by duplicating the new deform bones and adding controllers and constraints. How to add controller bones is up to you and how you want to control the rig.

For a top hat, I would use a control rig similar to a 3 bone finger rig, but one that allows me to scale the bones in length so I can squash & stretch as needed…

Hey, post up a picture of what you are working on and describe what you want…


If you want to do some post-armature deformation of something-- whether it’s clothing or something else-- then a warp modifier is probably your easiest bet. Specify a from and a to in the modifier; my “to” will probably be parented to my “from”, which is probably parented to a bone to roughly track the mesh. If you just want to deform in a big sphere of effect, you can use other defaults, scaling the radius. If you want more specifically shaped effects than that, you can designate a vertex group for the warp modifier and then, possibly, set the falloff to none. If you have multiple, intersecting warp modifiers, vertex groups that affect them should probably be normalized to all warp groups.

It isn’t impossible to do the same thing with multiple armature modifiers, but it’s more confusing and more complicated.