Bones and subdivided (subdivision modifier) mesh not working together properly

so, my problem is that when i move the bone in the video, the edge looks sharp when i move it around, yet it does not when i move the vertices in edit mode (as shown in video). also, i am in version 2.79.

Hey @Joshua_Alvarado ,

You’re seeing different results due to the execution order of modifiers.

In the first scenario, the mesh is first evaluated and then the Subdivision Surface modifier. I believe this is still true even while displaying modifiers in edit mode.

But in the second scenario, your mesh is evaluated, then a Subdivision Surface modifier, followed by a Armature modifier.
This results in the Armature modifier working from the results of the Subdivision Surface modifier, not your base mesh.

Swapping the order of the modifiers, so the Subdivision Surface modifier is evaluated last will remove the pinching.

i just did that. it worked! thanks! i did not know the order of the modifiers affected it.