Bones become posed / move after symmetrize

Disclaimer: This is in Blender 2.8

I made half an armature with constraints (IK and/or Copy Rotation).
All modifiers applied on mesh.

Happens with Armature → symmetrize menu
Happens with Shift-D Duplicate → scale -1 on X

When trying to duplicate the bones to the other half bones rotated strangely.
1 - Bone roll corrected
2 - Only visible when “posed” is turned on in pose mode, or in object mode
3 - Rest mode returns the bones to proper position
4 - Edit mode sees bones in proper position
5 - Alt-R or resetting pose returns bones to wrong position
6 - Copy/paste pose does not work

I tried to recreate it but no luck, so I can’t call it a bug yet.
Anyone else had a similar problem, has a solution?

Image follows. It looks like it is scaled on y, but it is not. It is rotated by about -120 degrees:

Upload your blend with armature I will check what’s wrong with your rig.


File is at:

Are you using 2.8? I have empty scene in your blend in 2.79. If your are using 2.8 i can’t help you. Sorry

It is 2.8, but thanks for trying.
I edited the original post to reflect this.


It seems that for some reason mirroring the rig with IK targets and poles causes this. Perhaps it is just my lack of knowledge in this area but deleting the target and pole seemed to help.