Bones do not move in pose mode moving my mouse

Hi!, Wish somebody of you can help me to take me out of my problem, first time I have one so big I don’t find the solution. I put the skeleton in my objet (a monkey…, my wife in Blender), I parented objet and armature with automatic weights and when I moved to pose mode, big surprise: My mouse can’t move the bones (as always do with another models) so neither the objet can not move. See in photo the white round of ‘rotation’ turns but not the bone.(But curiously I noted that if I move the panel of transform, yes it works, but the move doesn’t work using my mouse). I moved all butons but nothing changes the problem. Please help! Thanks, ARTSANTANA

My first question is where did the rig come from, did you fully make it yourself or import/add from somewhere else?

If you can rotate by editing numbers in the transform field, but not by rotation operations in the 3D viewport, then I’d suspect that the bone’s rotation fields are locked. Look for lock icons to the right of the transform fields in properties/bone/transform.

Dear kind friends,

Thank you so much for your answer and propositions for resolve my problems in my monkey and skeleton all I did it by myself (nothing imported). I followed you great propositions, I did many things, but mainly two solutions:

  1. I discovered that in the Transform main pilot pivot (pivot center for rotation) was enable, please do not ask me how did I came to there, just I don’t know, and corrected.
  2. I found one case in main top menu EDIT named ‘Lock Objet Modes’ non activated, I changed this. How and when I did it, just tell you I don’t know. Normally I do not use this.

But now all transformations are made correctly. Again thanks a lot to this « amateur » Blender Fan, I appreciated too much. Best for you all, ARTSANTANA