Bones "fixed in air" ?


I have a rigged character, which I want to sit down on a chair.
Tomake the mocement natural and less “acedmically” :slight_smile: the
charcter’s wrist should rest (technically spoken “should be fixed” )
on the arm-rests of the chair before the movement is completed.

I dont want to insert IPOs for the (non-) movement of the wrist
of the character since this is too inflexible.

How can I achieve this effect on a more flexible way (“flexible” in sense
of "flexible to changes to geometry of the chair and changes to
process of movement of the character.)

Thank you very much in advance for any helpful reply!

Not really sure what you mean but it sounds like you need to apply an IK Solver Constraint to the hands. This way you can put the hands on the chair then sit the body down without the hands moving (like he’s leaning on the chair first).

You can turn the IK on and off so when he’s not leaning on something, you can move the arms around wherever you like.

Hi AndyD !

Thank you for your reply ! :slight_smile:
Seems you aren’t my IK-Solver but my BP-Solver (PB= short for “Blender
Problem” ) :O))))

Will try it!
Can I use any target for the IK-Solver?

Keep hacking!

If you select the hand bone and press CTRL-I it’ll ask if you want to target a “new empty object”. Select this option and a new empty will be created at the bone. Move the empty to where you want the hand to go and leave it there till you’re done. You key the empty (Loc). Or, you can create another bone and target that.

If you look around the forums, you’ll find another post about IK and FK switching and the problems it might cause. You might want to read it and mess with it before you go too far and wonder why it isn’t doing what you expect.

Hi AndyD,

short question:
For what are “IK” and “FK” abbreviations?

Just to refine my search in the forum…

Keep hacking!

IK - Inverse Kinematics
FK - Forward Kinematics

I think IK and FK are more commonly used though.

Be warned, if you’re asking that question then you are probably in for a tough time ahead. Be prepared and read everything you can and try things out with a few bones, not an entire human skeleton. All the answers are out there… somewhere.

Hi AndyD,

thanks again for your valuable infos ! :slight_smile:

With “IK” and “FK” its like that for me:
I know already that “LASER” is that “very bright beam of coherent and
monochromatic light coming from synchronised changes of the
energy niveaus of electrons of certain materials” –
but what I didntt know (until I asked for) that “LASER” stands
for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”
(but this does not mean that I am able to build such a piece of magic
by myself, though :wink: )


Thanks for your help ! You’r welcome!
Keep hacking!