Bones following an empty?

How would i get specific bones to follow an empty (i have 2 bones controlling eyes, and i want them to be focused on the same place at once)


A track to constraint should do the trick.

Best of Luck!

Track To works, but has some strange roll and flipping issues. I’ve found that using an IK constraint for each eye bone, with the Empty as the target, works reliably.

I use Track To for my eye rig, and after now & then getting the roll and flip issues harkyman refers to, added another Empty that follows the skull bone location but can rotate independently, and made that the parent of the eye target rig. Now to relocate the eye target I just rotate the “eye track gimbal” Empty. Removes all roll & flip issues, and is also easier to keyframe for sweeping eye movements as well as little darts. The eye target rig can move in and out and be keyframed for near and far focus when necessary.

another suggestion…

i use a “look at” bone for each eye with an ik chain to the bone parented to the eyeball, then parent the “look at” control bones to a single bone between them…then when you move the single bone, the eyes follow