bones issue .

hey ! how you doing ?i posted this on the bsod character animation thread but its been allready 3 days and no answer , so maybe you guys can help me ,

, im having prblems with pose 6 in the walk cycle ,…cond_animation

in the passing pose it says : Adjust leg.r and toe.r so that the foot is flat on the ground

so i adjust the leg.r to be on the ground , but when i try to adjust the toe it gets seoarated from the foot , so i have to move the foot location , and it seems ok , but when i move through the frames ir makes some strange things , how did u guys whent throuh this ?

and another question , how can i upload a blender file up here?

I answered your question in the original thread.

At the moment you can’t upload .blend files here, I use for a free host, but there are many others on the net, if you need a free host, then post the link to the file here.