Bones keep moving around but not able to rotate.

I got problem when trying to posing my model, the bones won’t rotate, instead they move around when I try to rotate the bones. It very frustrating to move all the bones manually by locking location in Transform Lock, so the bones won’t move around when I try to rotate the bones positions.


I tried fiddling around with armature and bones properties, but no success.

Sorry if this question is frequently asked, I’m very new here with my Blender.
Thanks in advance. :eyebrowlift:


First question:

Are you using 3D cursor mode instead of “Individual origins”?

Second question,

Have you got any constraints on the bones, like IK constraints?

Third question:

How are you trying to rotate the bones? I would like and exact answer here, including key strokes, etc.

Please post a blend file here, with your armature in it - I do not need to see the meshes at this stage. I cannot tell what is going on from just your pictures. You can always post the file to if you get bounced here with it, then post the link here. Is this your first model, if so where did you download the model and armature from? It does not look like a “newbie” model to me!

Cheers, Clock.