Bones limitations

hi guys
when i was putting some bones on my swan…after 15 bones the new bones are not linked to the parent body…and the bone deforms the body but i cant see it in the list to control the vertices of deformation…so the question is , is there any limitations on the armature system in blender…for example after a certain number it doesnt work well???

If you’re talking about the Bone tabs in the Armature Panel in F9 buttons it only shows a few. You need to select individual bones (in Pose or Edit mode) to see their tabs.

If not then say where.


thats the problem…it shows a few and when i select them in the edit mode of the object parent of bones…the menu dont show them

You say the bones are not linked to the parent body? Have you been ‘adding’ bones or extruding them?

adding bones

Just add the first bone then Ctrl-LMB (or Extrude (E) and keep extruding). If you want to make a branch of that chain then select a a Root or Tip point on a bone and do as above.