Bones misaligned after joining 2 different armatures

I’m working with the nif file format I joined the hand bones with the body armature by clicking ctrl+ j and then exported the model. If I import it again the bones are rolled by 90 degrees
ARMATURE.blend (1.1 MB)

Hello, @Necro_Insane! Welcome to blenderartists!

Would you mind linking the .blend file? Also, there is a very large tendency for rigs to generally only work for the file that it’s been exported as, meaning that if you export it as .nif you should import it in that way. If that’s not the problem, then I would suggest trying to convert it to a different file format but that method usually doesn’t work because transferring rigged files can be tricky.

Let me know if you need anything else!

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Hi Micah, thanks for replying ! i tried to upload the attachment but i’m not allowed since i’m a new user (i lost my old account). The model i have experiencing issues with has been imported and exported always as a nif so i think the problem lays somewher else unfortunately…

I bumped your trust level, you should be able to add files now :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys you’re all very helpful and kind! I’ve edited the post to include the attachment. The model i uploaded is how it should be. If you export it and import it again in blender you should be able to see that the bones are rolled

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Tried multiple possible solutions, still doesn’t work. Basically if i open the nif file the armature looks perfect , once exported the bones get distorted…

So what are we looking at here? What’s a nif format?

I looked at your file and it appears to be a rig for a game engine. I looked and in my stock install of blender, I see no way of exporting a nif file, do I need an addon to import/export?

When you joined the armatures, where the armatures the basic ones I see in your example file? Or were the rigs blender rigs to animate the game rig I see in your file?

I just saw an example where joining 2 blender rigs, distorted a few bones, but it was a blender rig, not a simple bone rig I see in your file.


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Yes the nife file format is a game file format. The armature comes from a game (fallout new vegas). To export the file you need the niftools addon. The armature you see in the attachment is how it should be: it’s a merge of the body armature and the hand bones (meaning that the hand bones came from another armature,because the hand bones of the original armature were not usefulfor the rigging procedure). If i export the file and import it again the bones change orientation.