Bones move back... Please help

So I’m posing my mesh. When I save and reload the file. The arms and legs are in a different position. I’ve notice when I move them back into position the same thing happens. Also, when posed, I render test it and the arms and legs have moved back again. It’s not in it’s t-pose so it has recognised movement.

Any ideas?

Sounds like the armature is keyed somewhere on the timeline. If you put it in a new pose without setting new keys it will jump back to it’s keyed pose when you change the current frame, render, or save/reopen. Check your Dopesheet.


That’s interesting. As it’s for a illustration and no animation, I didn’t even thing about key frames. Just tried it and click the record key button. Re-posed, saved and reopened. Seems to have done the job. Thanks you for that:)